Our Responsibilty

We believe that firms should do more. We’ve always supported neighborhoods. We mix economic, social, and environmental issues with social responsibility as a long-term shipping company.

Old Age Home Support for the Elderly & Senior Citizens

Elders who are penniless, ailing, abandoned by family, and displaced by natural calamities have a fundamental need for a roof over their heads. Through its CSR programs, Alphard is making attempts to provide Food, Medical Services, and Recreational Facilities to Senior Citizens. A person’s grin is worth nothing!

Making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children

As the winter frost intensifies with each passing day, Alphard continues its blanket distribution programme to provide warmth to the less fortunate members of society. The goal of this effort is to protect the least fortunate from the harsh winter. Throughout the year, several social welfare initiatives are carried out, with blanket distribution being the most popular. The goal of donating blankets to the less fortunate is to promote a message of compassion and love across society.

Creating Employment Opportunities for Freshers

We are recruiting students from Narottam Morarjee Institute Of Shipping who have completed their post-graduation.

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